Raising 6 Million to invest in a portfolio of 90 startups

We need to stop discussing and start investing.
The clock is ticking, we need to act now!

Bold Action

Startupbootcamp Bold Action is a project that also aims to realize a Return on Impact.

It is composed of 90 impact-driven ventures that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations. SBC Bold Action is an answer to the increasing need for sustainable solutions in the market.


A program designed to empower startups & scaleups

With SBC BOLD ACTION, we are directly investing in the 90 fastest growing impact startups around the world.

However, we are not doing this alone.

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By investing with us, you have the benefits of:

De-risking & Accelerating Investments

Selection & Diversification


Growth Domains

Consumers are demanding new kinds of products and services, more customizable, more sustainable and more tailored to their needs.

We identified 3 Growth Domains that are playing.

Decentralized Finance

Dynamic Infrastructures

Powering Economies

Accelerator Program

Are De-Risking Machines, designed to lower investment risk and to increase ROI potential

Selection & Due Diligence
Venture De-Risking
Commercial Acceleration
Growth & Exit Support
Startupbootcamp invests and accelerates early-stage startups
Create, build and Stimulate a Global Innovation Ecosystem
Corporates and investors from around the globe participate as shareholders and sponsors
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